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关于我们 About us 您的位置:首页 > 公司概况 > 关于我们 About us

       浙江天道电气有限公司(原乐清市天道电器厂)坐落于被誉为中国的犹太“温州电器之都”。是一家专注研发“防水产品”科技创新制造型企业,汇聚了一批富有工作经验、锐意进取的年轻队伍。专业生产塑料控制箱、塑料插座箱、金属插座箱、电源检修箱、防水按钮盒、防水接线盒、防水监视窗口、电缆接头、工业用插头插座、连接器等。产品经欧洲权威认证机构(BVCE)检测,获得IP67、CE、ROHS证书,符合德国工业标准DIN VDE0623、EN60309.主要面向高端市场,以电力行业、铁路工业、化学工业、煤炭工业、汽车工业、造船工业、集装箱码头、飞机场、大型体育场、钢铁工业、电气工业;水处理设施以及各种防自然灾害、电气控制设备的企业。



Zhejiang tiandao Electric CO.,LTD is located at Yueqing Wenzhou, the China’s Capital of Electrical Equipment, is an innovative manufacturing enterprise engaged in the R&D of waterproof products, gathering a group of experienced, aggressive and young employees. We are specialized in manufacturing plastic control box, plastic socket box, power maintenance box, waterproof button box, waterproof junction box, waterproof monitor window, cable joint, industrial plug, socket and connector, etc. Our products have obtained the certificates IP67, CE and ROHS issued by BVCE, complied with German Industrial Standards DIN VDE0623 and EN60309, and are mainly applied to high-end markets such as the electric power industry, railway industry, chemical industry, coal industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, container terminal, airport, large-scale stadium, iron & steel industry, electric industry, water treatment facility, as well as various natural hazard prevention and electric control equipment. 

Abiding by the philosophy of “honest management, sustainable development, opportunity seeking, rooted and boomed”, the company lays stress on the cultivation of specialized persons and high technologies, now has built up a high quality scientific research team. 

God help those who help themselves – Logosky people will pursue high quality as always, make tremendous efforts to benefit mankind and the society, years of professional production has gained favorable comments from business circles!

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